William Bartholomew Ball

OF Greene Co. Mississippil

William Bartholomew Ball this Wm is said to be the son of Edward Ball, while some Ball family members dispute he is the son. One must reach their own conclusion.

The William of Greene Co. Mississippi is buried in Ball Cemetery in George Co. Mississippi. His dates on grave markers reads 1777-1860. He married in Richmond Co. GA., 1 January, 1796 to Charlotte Lee. Her grave marker bears the dates of 1775 - 1869, she is also buried in the Ball cemetery.

William was issued a passport to travel through the Creek Nation 2 October, 1809 along with George Foulds and their families.

William settled in the area where Bexley, MS., is now located. He was engaged in the war of 1812.

Children of William and Charlotte Lee Ball
1. James Sampson Ball born 16 November, 1796 GA
2. Edward Marshall Ball born 22 September, 1798 GA.
3. Sarah Ann Ball born 31 December, 1800 Richmond Co. GA. died 1840 in Hinds Co. MS
4. Eliza Jane Ball born 6 July, 1801 Richmond Co. GA. married Ervin B. Roberts
5. William Daniel Ball born 1804 GA. married Mary A. Hines
6. Bartholomew Ball born 6 February, 1807 Richmond Co. GA. died 11 December, 1883 Hinds Co. MS.
7. Susan Rebecca Ball born 11 February, 1813 MS.
8. Margaret Ball born 3 January, 1816 MS. married Hugh Eubanks
9. Harriett M. Ball born 22 July, 1818 MS., married Edward Lyle
10 Henry A. Ball born 10 January, 1821 MS. died 1915 George Co. MS.

James Sampson Ball

Son of William Bartholomew Ball

James Sampson Ball born 16 November, 1796 Liberty Co. GA. came with his father to the Mississippi Territory when he was a teenager. James married Sarah Roberts who was born 1799 in SC. The Robertís came to the area about the same time as the Ballís. Her brother, Tyra Roberts operated a ferry near Robertís Bluff on the Chickasawhay during the Civil War. Sarah daughter of John and Elizabeth Robets.

James and Sarah Roberts Ball had a family of ten children

1. Martha Ann Ball born 1824 married Roderick McLeod and Jessie Woodard in 1850 she was living in the house with her father and had three children.
2. Mary Ann Ball born 1828 MS married Robert Cooley born SC
3.. Jesse W. Ball about 1830
4. Tyra Augustus Ball born 1832
5. Susan Ball born 1836 married William David Cochran
6. James Sampson Ball born 1839
7. William Washington Ball born 1841 m. Sarah Ann Fairley
8. John Jefferson Ball born 1843 married Asaline Hunt
9. Edward Vernon Ball born 1846 married Margaret Grimes
10 Nancy Ball born 1850 married Allen McLeod born 1844 MS. Son of Farquer and wife Sarah McLeon

William Washington Ball

Son of James Sampson Ball

William Washington Ball born 10 February, 1841 Greene Co. MS., and died 17 May 1918. He married Mary Ann Fairley, daughter of ? Fairley. She was born 21 December, 1849 MS.

Seven Children all were born in Pine Grove, Greene Co. MS. now George Co. MS.

1. Edward F. Ball born 16 October, 1871, died 18 March, 1929. He married Mary Ida Edgar.
2. Imogene Ball born 22 February, 1874 Greene Co. married Elisha Pipkins
3. Loula Darina Ball born 11 January, 1876 Greene Co. married Phillip Helveston
4. William Poole Ball born 3 May, 1882 Greene Co. married Lillie Hooker and Annie Coaker.
5. David Knox Ball born 3 July, 1883 and died 17 April, 1935. He married ? Hooker and Minnie Breland
6. Charlotte Lee Ball born 29 October, 1885 married John Berry
7. Calvin Gaines Ball born 5 November, 1889 and died 1964. He married Sarah E. Breland

Edward Marshall Ball

Son of William Bartholomew Ball

Edward Marshall Ball was born 22 September, 1798 in Richmond Co. GA. He came as a youngster with his father from GA., to the Mississippi Territory in 1809. He died 30 June, 1893 in Calcasieu Parish, LA.

Edward married Elizabeth Scarbrough, I did not find a marriage date for them, but they probably married about 1824. They were the parents of at least six children.

1. Elizabeth Ball born 1825 Greene Co. married William White
2. Jesse Ball born 1827 Greene Co.
3. John Samuel Ball born 1829 Greene Co. married Mary V. Easterling
4. James Sampson Ball born 1834 Greene Co.
5. Burell Ball born 1837 Greene Co.
6. Edward Marshall Ball born 1839 Greene Co. married Martha Ellen White

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