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Valentine Allen
Immigrant to Virginia

Valentine Allen of VA. I have not found a brith date for Valentine. Must have been born prior to 1630 and died before November, 1712 in Old Rappahhock, VA. Valentine Allen is listed among early Immigrants to Virginia, in 1650, transported by John Catlett and Ralph Rousey. No County was listed. This Valentine is thought to be the earliest individual by that name.

Valentine married Mary Page, daughter of Thomas Page. Mary was born in VA., and died 11 June, 1694 Old Rappahannock, VA.

The will of Thomas page states that he wills to his daughter, Mary Page Allen all the rest of my estate. She was Executrix to her fathers will. Then he names Valentine as my son and leaves him 200 acres of land where he now lives. Samuel Allen was the only individual listed as a grandchild in the will and states my "Grandson, Samuel Allen". Thomas Page died 3 March, 1676.

Valentine Allen purchased 640 acres 1657 from Col. Thomas Page, who was a neighbor, along with Richard Burton who was an in-law by marriage.

The children listed are thought to be their children. If any researcher has proof I would welcome the record and include here

1. Valentine Allen born about 1659; died before adulthood
2. Richard Allen, born about 1665
3. Samuel Allen born before 1667, proven by Thomas Page's Will
4. Susanna Allen, married Thomas Burton,
5. William Allen, married Agnes
6. Judith Allen, born about 1669 VA., married Francis Burton
7. Christian Allen, youngest daughter was married twice. First in 1693 to Richard Dison or Dixon and in 1708 to Henry Long. Christian is a proven daughter of Valentine by deed Book 11 page 174, when Henry Long and Christian his wife of Hanover Parish, one of the daughters and co heirs of Valentine Allen.

8. Valentine Allen, born about 1673 died young
9 Mary Allen married 1693 William Brown

Two of the brothers, William, and Samuel settled in New Kent Co. Some of their children appear in the St. Peter's Parish records, but with the naming for each other one can not tell which son belongs to whom. The Parish Register does not go back for enough to name the parents.

In 1687 Richard and Reynolds Allen were processioners of lands appointed by the vestry of the Church and Richard Allen was a member of the vestry in 1705.

Samuel Allen
Son of Valentine Allen

Samuel Allen, son of Valentine Allen of New Kent Co. VA. was born about 1652 and died ????

I have no proof of this marriage but an Allen researcher sent the informtion to me and stated, the wife of Samuel Allen was Sarah Porter/Prater.

The Old St. Peters's Parish Register list the younger children of Samuel Allen. Therefore Samuel may have lived in another County prior to 1711

1. Susannah Allen married Hutchins Burton
2. Edmund Allen, appears to be the Edmund in Henrico Co. and wife was Mary.

3. William Allen, lived in Henrico Co., and was Sheriff
4. Samuel Allen lived in New Kent Co. VA.
5. Robert Allen, settled in Lunenburg Co. VA
6. Charles Allen, born 1719 lived in Lunenburg VA.
7. Mary Allen born, 1721 married Lydall Bacon
8. Judith Allen, born 16 August, 1716 married Nowell(Noel)Burton

Edmund Allen
Son of Samuel Allen

Edmund Allen, son of Samuel Allen , lived in Henrico Co. and died before 06 August, 1759, when Julius Allen his son, made bond for the administration of his estate.

Edmund married Mary Sanford. Edmund is mentioned many time in records of Henrico Co.

Children of Edmund Allen and Mary Sanford are:

1. Edmund Allen
2. David Allen married Mary
3. Isham Allen, died 1780; married Agnes Elmore
4. Littlebury Allen, died 1785 married Elizabeth Turner

5. Julius Allen died 4 April, 1777 and left his will in Henrico Co. Named in will of brother, Isham Allen
6. James Allen, named in will of brother Isham Allen

6. Daughter Allen married George Martin
7. Royal Richard Allen died prior to 1783 in Louisa Co. VA. Married Frances Ann.
8. James Allen

Can you add a descending generation to this page? It will be appreciated!"

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