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James Madison Allen
Born in Tennessee

James Madison Allen, was born in TN., 1813 and died 1851 in MO. Jim Allen of Oregon is researching this line and would like to know the parents of James M. He would appreciate your help.

James named his first son Ethan which may indicate that he descends from the Ethan Allen family who was originally from New England.

James was in Cedar Co. MO., when the 1850 census was taken. He is listed with his wife, Lucy Ann Gore Allen and five of their six children.

James died in the Spring of 1851, and after his death the widow Lucy married Rev. Daniel Murphy. Lucy born 20 February, 1825 Caldwell Co. KY., and died 15 July 1902, Greene Co., MO. Daughter of William Gore and Elizabeth (Betsy) Throup or Troop

It appears that Lucy Ann was the second wife of James M. His first wife may have been Phoebe English, and the first two daughters, Mary Ann and Minerva being from that marriage.

Children of James and Lucy are:

1. Mary Ann Allen, born January, 1837 MO. She married Caleb Seaton 1856 Barton Co., MO., and had two children. She married (2) Gideon Stahl in 1861 Barton Co. and had seven children.

2. Minerva Jane Allen, born about 1840 MO. Minerva was living with her sister Mary Ann in 1860 Barton Co. MO.

3. Emily Frances Allen, born 12 March, 1844 Cedar Co. MO., and died 14 December, 1924 Frontier Co., NE. She married Zachariah Murphy her Step Brother 22 Nov 1857.

4. Edith Triplett Allen, born 12 September, 1846 Cedar Co., MO., and died 20 January, 1938 Greene Co., MO. She married 21 August, 1859 to Martin Van Buren Bass

5. Ethan Allen, born 12 August, 1848 Cedar Co., MO.

6. James Madison Allen Jr., born 21 October, 1850 Cedar Co. MO.

Ethan Allen
Son of James Madison Allen

Ethan Allen, was born 12 August, 1848 Cedar Co., MO., and died 27 June 1886 Greene Co., MO. He married Mary Jo Womack 24 October, 1867 Greene Co., MO.

Children of Ethan and Mary Jo all born in Greene Co. MO.

1. Levi Allen, born 1869 Greene Co., probably died young.
2. William Mathew Allen, born 20 September, 1871 Greene Co., died 7 October, 1934 Greene Co.
3. Dan E. Allen, born 4 July, 1873 Greene Co., died 18 January, 1942 Park Co. MT.
4. Martin A. Allen, born 18 May, 1875 Greene Co., died 11 October, 1881 Greene Co.
5. Lucy E. Allen, born 3 April, 1884 Greene Co., died 12 April 1885 Greene Co.

James M. Allen
Son of James Madison Allen Sr

James Madison Allen Jr., born 21 October, 1850 Cedar Co. MO., and died 8 July 1928, Bozeman, MT. He married Mary Josephine Snyder, 11 January, 1872 Greene Co. MO.

James Madison Allen and Mary J. Snyder Children are:

1. Arthur A. Allen, born 1873 Greene Co., died in Bozeman MT
2. James William Allen, born 28 August, 1875 Greene Co., died 3 February, 1956 Park Co. MT.
3. Ira A. Allen, born 7 September, 1879 Greene Co., died 18 June 1881 Greene Co.
4. Edith Ann Allen, born 11 September, 1882 Greene Co., died 20 August, 1887 Greene Co.
5. John Clyde Allen, born 15 April, 1886 Greene Co., died 8 May, 1948 Montana
6. Raymond Bailey Allen, born 29 October, 1895 Greene Co., died 6 July, 1956 Bozeman MT.
7. Bertis L. Allen, born July, 1898 Greene Co. Death unknown"

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