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Joseph Allen

The family material on Joseph Allen and some descendants was donated by John Allen.

Joseph Allen was born between 1755-1765 in unknown place, and died 1829 in Moore CO., NC. He married Elizabeth Parker about 1773. She was born between 1755-1774.

Children of Joseph Allen and Elizabeth Parker are:

1. James Allen, born about 1788.
2. Joseph Parker Allen, born 03 March, 1803, Moore CO., NC.
3. Mark Allen.
4. Reuben Allen, born 1805.
5. Betsy Allen.
6. Elizabeth Allen/Allin.
7. John Allen.

James Allen, son of Joseph was born about 1788, and died about 1828 in Maury County TN. in the Sawdust Community. He married Judith Morgan, daughter of William Morgan and Sarah Dunn. She was born about 1788, and died about 1858 in Maury Co. TN. She is probably buried in Cooke's Cemetery in Maury Co.

Children of James Allen and Judith Morgan are:

1. Avarilla Allen, born about 1817, NC. died about 1883, TN.
2. Joseph Allen, born about 1818.
3. T.J.F. Allen, born about 1819.
4. Richmond P. Allen, born about 1820. He married Mary (unknown) and had two sons.

1. James Allen.
2. Joseph Allen.

Joseph Parker Allen, son of Joseph was born March 03, 1803 in Moore CO., NC, and died October 31, 1888 in Moore CO., NC. He married Frannie Cagle, daughter of Spinx Cagle. She was born February 03, 1804 in Moore CO., and died January 21, 1892 in Moore CO., NC.

Both Joseph and Frannie are buried in Allen Cemetery State Road #1281 South of Cabin Creek in Moore Co.

Children of Joseph Allen and Frannie Cagle are:

1. Raleigh Allen, born 1835.
2. Margaret Ann Elizabeth Allen, born 1838.
3. Joseph Parker Allen, JR., born 1843.
4. Rebecca Allen.
5. Reuben Allen.

Elizabeth2 Allen/Allin, daughter of Joseph Allen married Jeremiah Reynolds.

Children of Elizabeth Allen/Allin and Jeremiah Reynolds are:

1. Nichols Reynolds, born 1808, Montgomery Co., NC.
2. Catherine Reynolds, born 1810, Montgomery Co., NC.
3. Polly Reynolds, born 1812, Montgomery Co., NC.
4. Rebecca Reynolds, born 1814, Montgomery Co., NC.
5. Caroline Reynolds, born 1816.
6. Reuben Reynolds, born 1818, Montgomery Co., NC.
7. James Reynolds, born 1820, Montgomery Co., NC.
8. Deborah Reynolds, born 1830, Montgomery Co., NC.
9. Joseph Reynolds, born 1832.
10 Terry Reynolds, born 1834, Montgomery Co., NC.
11 Jamima Reynolds, born 1836, Montgomery Co., NC.
12 John Reynolds, born 1838, Montgomery Co., NC.

Avarilla Allen, daughter of James Allen and Judith Morgan was born about 1817 in NC., and died about 1883 in TN. She met unknown who was born in TN. She had one son.

Child of Avarilla Allen and Unknown is:

1. James Madison Allen, born March 09, 1833, Sawdust Valley, Maury Co. TN. and died March 27, 1909, Higdon, AR., Van Buren Co. He married February 22, 1858 in Sawdust Valley, TN., to Susannah Cooke Sargent daughter of Dempsey Sargent and Charlotte Cooke. She was born December 20, 1834 in Sawdust Valley, and died January 18, 1910 in Higdon, AR. Both are buried in Eglantine Cemetery in AR.

Children of James Madison Allen and Susannah Sargent are:

1. Frances Fannie Allen, born about 1859, Wayne Co., TN. She married A.V.B. HOLT, about 1879.

2. Sarah Jane Allen, born June 02, 1860, Wayne Co., TN.

3. Amos Henry Allen, born December 13, 1863, Carrolville, Wayne CO., TN.; died November 11, 1948. Married Alice Freedom Mays.

4. Hattie Allen, born December 04, 1864, Carrolville, Wayne CO., TN.; died April 06, 1952. Married Tom Jeff Cothrern.

5. Indie Allen, born April 15, 1868; died June 22, 1964. Married Morgan Tackett.

6. William Theadore Allen, born about January 1870, Carrolville, Wayne Co. TN.; died August 1920, Cleburne CO., AR. He married Margreat Ann Charles October 23, 1898 in Eglantine, AR., daughter of James Charles and Elizabeth Johnson. She was born February 1880 in Marion CO., AR., and died December 29, 1929.

7. Minnie Allen, born about 1871.
8. Lottie Allen, born about 1872.

9. John Benjamin Allen, born March 08, 1867, Carrolville, Wayne CO., TN.; died March 15, 1940, Media, TN. He married Sina Frances Towater September 16, 1891, daughter of Charles Tarwater(Towwater) and Martha Cannon. She was born April 14, 1873, and died 1964 in Media, TN.

Sarah Jane Allen, daughter of James Madison Allen was born June 02, 1860 in Wayne Co. TN.; and died May 27, 1944 in Salt Lake City, Utah. She married John Walter Nunley September 10, 1876 in Wayne Co. TN.; son of George Nunley and Mary Vice. He was born February 16, 1856 in Wayne Co.; and died July 01, 1925 in Elsinore, Sevier Co. , Utah.

Children of Sarah Jane Allen and John Walter Nunley are:

1. Alfred Nunley, born December 16, 1877, Wayne Co. TN.; died August 11, 1928.

2. Roxie Ann Nunley, born September 04, 1880, Wayne Co. TN.; died August 27, 1928. She married Niels Peter Jensen, 1896.

3. James Walter Nunley, born April 27, 1883, Wayne Co., TN.; died July 15, 1955. Married Marie Christensen, June 12, 1906.

4. Amos H. Nunley, born March 13, 1885, Wayne Co., TN.; died April 05, 1952. Married May Waters.
>p> 5. Mamie Bell Nunley, born February 09, 1888, Fowlkes, Dyer CT, TN; died March 11, 1988.

6. John Franklin Nunley, born June 24, 1889, Fowlker, Dyer CO., TN.; died December 31, 1966. Married Laura Symes.

7. William Lee Timothy Nunley, born July 09, 1892, Fairview, Sanpete, Utah; died July 23, 1967. Married Amy Grace Wall.

8. Clara May Nunley, born June 19, 1894, Fairview, Sanpete Co., Utah; died June 11, 1967, Salt Lake City, Utah. She married James William Anderton, Jr. April 18, 1913 in Richfield, Utah, son of James Anderton and Sarah Barney. He was born November 16, 1894 in Monroe, Sevier CO., Utah, and died September 22, 1955 in Salt Lake City.

9. Maudia Cleora Nunley, born August 01, 1896, Fairview, Sanpete Co., Utah; died November 24, 1908.

10 Sarah Lessie Nunley, born September 11, 1898, Elsinore, Sevier Co., Utah; died October 01, 1962 She married Frands Olsen, September 11, 1914.

11 Mildred Rinda Nunley, born November 28, 1900, Elsinore, Sevier CO., Utah; died June 04, 1943. Married Leroy Waterlin."

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