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Joseph Allen
Born in Virginia

Do you have family history on Joseph?

Joseph Allen was born 12 April, 1711 in New Kent Co. Virginia. He was the son of Robert Allen and Sarah (unknown) as proven by St Peters Parish Records.

From land records it appears that Joseph did not live in Hanover Co. where his four of his brothers lived. He remained living with his father as a land deed in Henrico Co. shows that Robert Allen deeded his son Joseph Allen 200 acres of land on which he already lived. On his land was the plantation and home of Robert Allen and he retained his right to live there the remaining days of his natural life. Henrico Co. Deed and Will Book, 1750-1767 page 407

Joseph Allen married Sarah Hunt, daughter of Ralph Hunt

Joseph moved to Charlotte Co. VA. sometime after his father's death. Joseph's will was dated 8 October, 1770 and proved 1 July, 1772 in Charlotte Co. VA. Joseph named his wife Sarah, three son and three daughters in his will.

Children of Joseph Allen and Sarah Hunt are:

1. Memucan Hunt Allen born 1753 Henrico Co. VA
2. Benjamin Allen born 1755 Henrico Co. VA.
3. Robert Allen born about 1757 Henrico Co. VA.
4. Charles Allen born about 1759 VA.
5. Ann Allen born about 1759 born VA.
6. Jean Allen born about 1761 born VA.
7. Susannah Allan born about 1763 VA.

Memucan Hunt Allen and brother Charles Allen moved to Caswell Co. NC., then moved to Franklin Co. KY. about 1799-1800. Both were listed on the census records. Part of Franklin Co. became Anderson Co. and the brothers fell into that Co. Memucan died in 1833 and left his will in Anderson Co.

Children named in his will are:

1. Joseph Allen
2. Charles Allen
3. Susannah Allen Stotts
4. Sally Allen Dale
5. Elizabeth Allen Hanks
6. Polly Allen Stotts"

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