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John Allen
And His Southern Descendants

These Early Allen's were Quaker’s and from those records much valuable information is known. The John Allen’s of PA., is the beginning of this Allen line. Check with your local Genealogy Library for additional information on Quaker Records.

The children of John Allen were born in PA., but made their way South into North Carolina. There are many Southern Allen's who descend from this line of Allen's.

John Allen, born born 1720, in Chester Co. PA. He was the son of John Allen and Amy Cox. This John born 1720 is about the III John Allen from PA. He died 1 October, 1754 Chester Co., and is buried in London Grove Cemetery.

John married September 12, 1740, to Phebe Scarlett, born 4 November, 1722 or 1723. Daughter of Shadrach.

1. Hannah Allen, born 10 July, 1741 and died 10 December, 1834 in Randolph Co., NC. Her death is recorded at Holly Spring MM. NC. She married about 1763 in Orange Co., NC. to Nicholas Barker, born 8 March, 1737, New Castle Co. DE., son of Daniel Barker. He died 24 March, 1826 Randolph Co., NC.

2. Amy Allen, born 18 December, 1743 or 1744 Chester Co. PA. She was disowned for marrying out of the Church in 1765 to Herman Husband. Ref. Cane Creek, NC

3. Ann Allen, born 10 May, 1746 and died 8 November, 1829 Randolph Co., NC. She married about 1775 in Orange Co. NC., to Robert Comer.

4. John Allen, born 22 March, 1749
5. Samuel Allen, born 21 October, 1751
6. Thomas Allen, born 25 Aug 1754, and died September, 1754

John Allen
Son of John and Phebe Allen

John Allen 111, born 22 March, 1749 and died 23 September, 1826, Randolph Co., NC.

John married about 1779 in Orange Co. NC., to Rachel Stout, daughter of Peter Stout and Margaret Cypert.

Children of John Allen and Rachel Stout are:

1. John Allen IV, born 28 May 1780, Orange Co., NC.; died 13 February, 1847. Married 15 January, 1807 Chatham Co. NC., to Dinah Stuart, daughter of John Stuart.

2. Peter Allen, born 1 August, 1781 Orange Co., NC.; and died 7 September, 1845 Randolph Co., NC. He married 9 June 1803, Chatham Co., NC. to Elizabeth Dixon, daughter of Thomas Dixon.

3. Abigail Allen , born about 1782, Orange Co., married William Moon.

4. Joseph Allen , born 9 Jun 1783, Orange Co., NC. died 13 December 1847, Randolph Co., NC. He married 5 Sep 1807, Chatham Co., NC. Martha Cox, daughter of Nathaniel Cox

5. Samuel Allen, born 24 September, 1785 Orange Co., died 24 June 1787, Orange Co., NC.

6. Nathan Allen, born 5 June 1787, Orange Co., died 24 November, 1820 Orange Co. NC. Married 6 February, 1812 Chatham Co., NC. Martha Cox, daughter of Thomas Cox

7. Phebe Allen, born 29 November, 1789 Orange Co., married Jacob Hinshaw

8. Harmon Allen, born 12 December, 1791 Orange Co., married Nancy Ann Clark, daughter of Daniel Clark

9. Solomon Allen, born 4 May 1793, Orange Co., died 5 March, 1876 Alamance Co., NC. He married Hannah Dixon

10 Rachel Allen, born 10 March, 1794 Orange Co., died a teenager

11 Joel Allen, born 26 July, 1796 Orange Co., married 23 September, 1813 Orange Co. to Charity Wells

12 William Allen, born 7 December, 1800 Orange Co., married Rebecca Dunn

13 Hannah Allen, born 1 February, 1803 Orange Co., married James Smith Jr

Samuel Allen
Son of John and Phebe Allen

Samuel Allen was born 1751 PA., and died 14 June 1834, Randolph Co, NC. Son of John Allen and Phebe Scarlett

Samuel married 17 December, 1775 Orange Co., to Hannah Cox, who was born 8 September, 1751 Loudoun Co. VA and daughter of Herman Cox

Samuel and Hannah were the parents of Eight children! Seven daughters and one son.

1. Amy Allen, born 14 October, 1776 Orange Co., and died 9 June 1828 in Randolph Co., NC. She married 13 May 1802 Chatham Co, NC., to Simon White, son of William White.

2. Ann Allen, born about 1779 or 1780 Randolph Co.
3. John Allen, born 21 December, 1782 Randolph Co., married Martha Clark

4. Hannah Allen, born 3 August, 1783 Randolph Co., married John Hadley

5. Phebe Allen, born 1785 Randolph Co., married Thomas Cox.

6. Rebecca Allen, born 1787 Randolph Co., married Elias Henley

7. Catherine Allen, born 1789 Randolph Co.

8. Mary Allen, born about 1791 Randolph Co., married Nixon Henley"

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