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Jeremiah Allen
Lived in Georgia

Researcher for this family is:
Anne W. Westbrook

Searching for the parents of Jeremiah Allen. Josiah Allen Jr., son of Josiah Sr. and Elizabeth DeLoach may be his father. Seeking a copy of Josiah Allen Jr. will to see if he names Jeremiah as a son? Any one willing to share? You will be given credit for any proof submitted.

Jeremiah Allen, born between 1780 and 1788 either in North or South Carolina. He died 1862 in Campbell Co. GA.

Jeremiah was in Walton CO., GA when the 1820 and 1830 censusís were taken; in Coweta at 1840 and Campbell at 1850 and 1860.

He married Susannah Warner, born 1783-1795 either in PA. or SC.

Son of Jeremiah and Susannah is:

1. William Matt Allen, born 1815 and died 1891; married Permelia.
2. Mahaley Allen, married Mr. Bean
3. Mary Allen, married Mr. Cooley
4. Jeremiah C. Allen
5. Permelia Allen, married Mr. Carrington
6. Matilda Allen, born 1811, died 1868; married Lemuel Pruitt Banks
7. Almeda Allen, married Mr. Miles
8. Susan Allen, married Mr. Moon
9. Henry A. Allen, born 1830 GA.

Henry A. Allen
Son of Jeremiah Allen

Henry A. Allen, born 1830 Walton Co. GA., and died January 1865 in Ft. Delaware, at the federal prison camp. He is buried on the Jersey shore. Henry served as a Private in Co. E. 35th Regiment, GA Volunteer Infantry. He was captured at Mine Run VA., 12 May, 1864. His service records contain a copy of a letter written by his brother William Allen 15 July, 1863 informing him of the death of a child and impeding death of his wife. Records of furlough to travel to Fayetteville GA. follow.

Henry is on the 1850 census in the household of his parents Jeremiah and Susanna; the only child still at home.

Henry married Sarah shortly after 1850, as their first child was born in before 1853. Henry and Sarah are listed in the 1860 census of Coweta Co. GA., and have three children; Lucinda, Martha and Jeremiah.

Sarah was born about 1833 and died 1863. According to the letter written by William to his brother in 1863; it appears Sarah died in childbirth along with the infant.

One can only visualize the trauma that Henry endured during this time. His wife and child dying, leaving his young children at home for someone else to care for. Yet he returned to the war with a heavy heart to serve his country and lost his life. His children never knew either of their parents.

Children of Henry and Sarah are:
1. Lucinda Allen, born about 1853 GA.
2. Martha Ellen (Mattie)Allen, born about 1855; married Rev. George Adamson
3. Jeremiah Solomon Allen, born about 1857 GA.
4. Susan Allen, born about 1859 GA.
5. Mary W. Allen, born about 1862 GA.
6. Infant died 1863. This is not Mary because she is alive on the 1870 census

Jeremiah S. Allen
Son of Henry A. Allen

Jeremiah Solomon Allen, born 1857 GA., died 5 March, 1883 in GA. He married in 1880 to Louisa Louella Jones, born 13 February, 1861 and died 19 August, 1891.

Jeremiah is shown on the 1860 with his parents and is listed as age 3. The Rev. Trustin Phillip and wife Piety must have taken in the orphan children for the 1870 Census in Heard Co. GA., shows Jeremaih and his sisters in the household of the Rev. and his wife.

It is believed the Phillips were related in some way to the Allen children. Since the maiden name of Sarah is not known she could have been a sister to the Rev. or Piety, or some other relation.

Jeremiah is still living in the household with the Phillips when the 1880 census of Clayton Co. GA., was taken. He is listed as age 23. He married after the census was taken. The Bethsaida Baptist Church minutes show Jeremiah and Louisa Louella Allen both joining the church in 1882, one year prior to his death in 1883.

Only one child was born to the couple:

Henry Arthur Allen, born 23 December, 1882 Campbell Co. GA; died 24 January 24, 1947 Hapeville GA. He married Maud Anne Snead 20 June, 1906, in Fayette Co., GA."

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