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Jacob Allen
Of Marengo Co. AL

This is the Jacob Allen who lived in Marengo Co. Alabama! Birth dates are needed for his children from the first marriage, can you help?

Much of the family information on Jacob came from researcher and descendant Gregg Potts of LA.

Researchers are trying to determine which Jacob Allen is the son of Richard Allen who was in Marengo Co. and moved to Mississippi.

There appears to be two Jacob Allens that could be the son of Richard Allen. A brief profile of each is as follows:

Jacob Allen # 1. Found on 1840 census of Madison Co. MS., may be the same Jacob that is listed on the 1830 Marengo Co., AL., Census. 1836 property records in Madison list his wife as Sarah. This property is adjacent to that of Richard Allen. He does not appear on any known records after 1850. No list of children or burial known. Evidence leans towards this Jacob as being the son of Richard.

Jacob Allen #2.
This Jacob Allen was born 24 May, 1793 North Carolina.

The first wife of Jacob is not known, it appears she died between 1830 and before 1835. A female is listed on the 1830 census as being of forty and under fifty years of age and this should be the first wife of Jacob.

Jacob had five land grants in 1837 and one in 1839 in Sumter Co.

Jacob first appears in Marengo Co. on the 1830 census, then in 1840 listed on the Pickens Co., AL., Census and in 1850 Sumter County census with Caroline as wife.

When the 1830 census of Marengo Co. was taken, it shows that Jacob had two sons between the ages of five and ten years old. One daughter under five years of age and two between the ages of ten and fifteen, and one daughter above fifteen and under twenty. Both Jacob and his wife were of forty years old but under fifty.

He was married twice, the first wife's name is not known. He married (2) to Caroline Crawford. They were married 8 October, 1835 in Pickens Co. AL. Caroline is named in her Mother, Rosanna CRAWFORD will in Greene Co. AL. The mother Rosanna, her daughter Emeline twin to Caroline and son-in-law, Gabriel Davis, all moved to Madison Co. MS.

He died 27 December, 1858 in Madison Co. MS. His burial site is in the Methodist Cemetery in Sharon. His granddaughter, Mary Edwards, is buried adjacent to him. Mary was the daughter, Rosana and G.W. Edwards

Jacobs' will list Caroline and several children by name. It is possible that he is the Jacob listed on the 1830 Marengo census.

Children of Jacob and his first wife are:

1. Richard Allen
2. Sarah Allen married a Young
3. Susan Allen married a Michael A. Beard
4. Rebecca J Allen born 1821 AL., married Jonathan D. Hendrix
5. Mary Allen married a Granbuys

Jonathan D. Hendrix is listed on the 1850 census of Sumter Co. AL., he is listed as born in TN., and Rebecca was born in AL. Both were listed as 29 years of age.

Children of Jacob and Caroline Crawford are:

Rosana Elizabeth Allen born 1835, married George W. Edwards
Emeline S. Allen born 1839 AL; married James G. Moore
Frances Allen born 1841 AL
Ann E Allen born about 1843
William W Allen born 1845
Beunavista Allen (female) born 1848

Will of Jacob Allen
Book A Page 280

First of all I will and bequeath my soul to God and my body to be decently laid away in the earth.

Secondly..I will that all my just debts shall be paid.

Thirdly..Mary Granbuys & Charles Whitly having had five hundred dollars each I will that Richard Allen Sarah Young, Susan Beard and Rebecca Hendrix be made equal with them with what they have already recieved, Rebecca H having recieved one hundred fifty & Susan B one hundred & sixty dollars, the above to be paid as early as convenient out of my estate.

Fourthy..I will all the balance of my porperty to my wife Caroline Allen during her life and then to her children share and share alike, leaving her to give to each one when they become of age or marry, such porperty as she may think best making each equal firstly and lastly.

I will that Gabriel W. Davis & Caroline Allen my wife, be and they are hereby appointed Executor & Executrix of the above will without security.

In testimony whereof I having set my name & offer my seal, day and date above. Jacob Allen (seal)

Witness: G. W. Davis and A. L. Neal

Jacob's will was proven in Probate Court in Madison County Regular January Term 1859

Copy of the will donated by D.Y. Calhoun 111"

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