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John Allen
Resident of Virginia

Researcher for this family is; Paulette King of Raleigh, North Carolina

John Allen, born about 1680. He lived in Lancaster and Middlesex Counties in Virginia.

He married Barbara Withers, daughter of Erasmus Withers and Frances Jones. John and Barbara had at least four children.

1. Erasmus Allen, born 1671 Virginia.
2. John Allen, born 1673 Rappahannock, VA
3. William Allen, about 1677 Virginia.
4. Mary Allen,

From the will of John Waggoner and wife Rachel, it is proven that Erasmus and William Allen, sons of John Allen married two of his daughters.

William Allen
Son of John and Barbara Withers Allen

William Allen was born about 1677 in either Middlesex or Essex Co. Virginia, and died after 1739 and before May 1741 in Stafford Co. Virginia.

He married in Essex Co., 11 June, 1696 to Margaret Waggoner, daughter of John and Rachel Ward Waggoner. Margaret born 1775 in Essex Co. died 1 September, 1743 in Overwharton, Stafford Co.

William is listed as a paying tax on 100 acres in 1704.

The children of William Allen and Margaret Waggoner are:

The oldest child would be born about 1697 or 1698. I have no proof of birth dates. But from the will of William Allen Jr. some clues are given.

1. William Allen born about 1698 VA
2. Thomas Allen born about 1700 VA., died 1743 Spotsylvania Co. VA.
3. James Allen born about 1702 VA., died 1745. He married Ursula (Unknown)
4. Mary Allen born about 1704 VA
5. Zachariah Allen born about 1706 VA., died Orange Co. NC.
6. Andrew Allen born about 1708 VA
7. Erasmus Withers Allen born 6 February, 1711 VA.
8. Elizabeth b. 1709 married George Waller
9. Margaret Allen
10 Sarah married William Waller 12 Hannah Allen married John Withers
13 Lucy Allen married John Mosby

William Allen
Son of William Allen

William son of William and Margaret Allen appartently never married as he leaves his estate and personal belongings to his siblings and parents.

Last Will and Testament of William Allen, Jr. is recorded 1739 in Essex Co., VA., Will Book 6, page 207.

William Allen, Jr. signed his will 28 August, 1739 and was witnessed by Benjamin Allen, Jr. and John Allen, Jr. his first cousins and son of John Allen. He devises as follows:

Erasmus Withers Allen
Son of William Allen

Erasmus Withers Allen, born 6 February, 1712 Essex Co. Virginia. He died 1789 in Rowan Co. North Carolina.

Erasmus married 1 June, 1738 St Ann's Parish in Essex Co. to Sarah Sthreshley who was born 13 February, 1716. Sarah may have been the daughter of Capt. William Sthreshley who was in VA., at this same time.

Erasmus and Sarah was living in Essex Co. in 1744 as stated from Deed Book D page 124 in Spotsylvania Co VA. Erasmus Withers Allen, St Ann's Parish, Essex Co., from Edward Ware of St George's Parish and wife Lucy; 300 acres, and 1000 acres Patented by Thomas Allen and George Mussick. The Thomas Allen is thought to be the brother of Erasmuch.

Charleston County S.C., Deed Book 5; page 236; August 5, 1774 to September 2, 1786; Erasmus Withers Allen to Lemuel Benton, both of St David's Parish. L200 for 100 acres on southwest side of the Pee Dee River, bounded on the southwest and northwest by Alexander Skine; on southeast & southwest by Charles Lysenby. Being originally granted E. Lowther June 20, 1764, who conveyed to George Wilds; then April 14, 1772 to James Hayes; then May 8, 1772 to Erasmus Withers Allen.

Children of Erasmuch and Sarah Allen are:

1. Thomas Rachel
2. Mary Allen married John Chapman.
3. Rachel Allen, born 4 April, 1743 probably Spotsylvania, VA., died in SC. She married to Thomas Powe.
4. William Allen

Erasmus Allen
Son of John and Barbara Withers Allen

Erasmus Allen was born 1671 Virginia and was baptized 10 September, at Christ Church Parish, Middlesex Co. His parents were listed as John and Barbara Withers Allen.

He married about 1704 to Dinah Waggener, daughter of John Waggener and was born about 1684, and died 1751 in Essex Co., Virginia.

Erasmus Allen is mentioned too numerous to list all the documents he was either a witness or as a securties in Essex Co Virginia.

12 April 1711, Bond of Erasmus Allen as guardian of Mary Hucklescott. unto Francis Meriwether of Essex County, Gent., in behalfe of the Court. For L 200 sterling. Securities, John Parker,Thomas Wheeler, Erasmus Allen, John Parker and Thomas Wheeler. Witness: James Alderson and Robert Jones. Acknowledged 12 April 1711.

The Will of Erasmus Allen of Essex County Virginia was probated 16 August, 1720 and listed on pages 213-216. Inventory and Appraisal was received 18 October, 1720.

Wills No. 6, 1735-1743 Reel 42
page 202-203 Administration bond received 18 September, 1739 page 203-206 Inventories & appraisal received 16 October, 1739 page 267 Inventories & Appraisal received 15 July 1740 page 439. Inventory & Appraisal received 17 May 1743

Will of Erasmus Allen, being sick and weak in body, dated 26 January, 1719. Unto my son John Allen that piece of land adjoining to my brother William Allen. The rest of my land to my son Erasmus Allen. My wife shall have it during her life. To my loving wife Dinah Allen my three Negroes and all the rest of my estate during her life and she shall pay all the debts that is now due. Unto my son John Allen my Negro names Guile. Unto my son Erasmus Allen my negro girl named Mill. If the Negro girl should have children, shall be distributed as followeth, the first to go to my daughter Rachel Cheney, the next to my son Benjamin, and the next to my daughter Barbary.

My Negro woman Doll shall be valued with the rest of my estate and after my wife's decease to be equally divided between the rest of my children Rachel Cheney, Margaret, Dinah, Barbary, Benjamin and Joseph. If my wife should marry then to my children at age eighteen. My wife and my son John Allen Executors.

Erasmus Allen
Witness: Andrew (X) Dyer, and William Allen. 16 August, 1720. Presented in Court by Dinah Allen and John Allen. Proved by Andrew Dyer and William Allen.

Dinah was a widow for some thirty years after the death of Erasmus Allen. The Inventory of her estate was taken 19 November, 1751 in Essex Co., Tappahannock, Virginia by order of Court. The Subscribers sworn before a Justice of the Peace for this County have appraised the Estate of Mrs. Dinah Allen. The subscribers, Given under our hands 17 Day December 1751
Forrest Upshaw
Waters Dunn
John Lataner

Children of John and Dinah Waggner Allen are:

1. John Allen, born about 1705 VA
2. Erasmus Allen, born about 1707. Died before 1739
3. Dinah Allen, born about 1708 Essex County, died 1761 Essex Co. Married George Coleman
4. Rachel Allen, born about 1709 married John Cheyney
5. Margaret Allen, born about 1711
6. Barbara Allen, born about 1715. Married Francis Jones
7. Benjamin Allen, born about 1717; died 1765
8. Joseph Allen, born about 1719; died 1782 Spotsylvania Co. VA

John Allen
Son of John and Dinah Allen

John Allen, born about 1705; died 1750 Spotsylvania Co. Married Elizabeth Reeves. John died 1750 and his Estate listed in Essex Co. Book 9, 20 March, 1751. John Latane, Thomas Dix, husbands of deceased daughters. Also Essex Book 8 page 370 16 October, 1750, Widow Elizabeth was Guardian of minor children, Henry, Thomas and James. Her Will is listed in Essex Co. Book 12 30 September, 1774. Executors was son Henry, and Son-in-law, Richard Gatewood

Children a. Mary Allen, died prior to her father death. She married John Latane, son of Rev. Lewis Latane.

b. Daugher who married Thomas Dix
c. Henry Allen, minor in 1750
d. Thomas Allen, minor in 1750
e. James Allen, minor in 1750
f. Daughter who married Richard Gatewood"

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