Drury Allen, Clarke Co. Alabama and descendants
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Drury Allen
Son of Josiah Allen of SC

Drury Allen, born 1772 96th District South Carolina, and died 1857 in Clarke Co. AL. He was married twice. He first married Margaret Waite born about 1772 and died 1818 in Clarke Co. AL

Drury was the son of Josiah Allen and wife Elizabeth DeLoach of South Carolina. He removed from Edgefield District, South Carolina in 1812 and came to Clarke Co. Alabama. He had a family of five children and a wife who moved with him.

Drury settled in or near Clarksville, and later settled south of Suggsville. The family took safety at Fort Madison during the Indian trouble.

Margaret died in 1818 and Drury married in 1820 to Fanny Webb. He had five children by each wife.

Children of Drury and Margaret are:

1. Josiah Allen born about 1790 SC
2. Henry Allen born 1801 SC
3. Drury Allen Jr. born 20 May, 1807
4. Nancy Allen
5. Barbara Allen

Children of Drury and Fanny Webb are:

6. Bettie Allen
7. Turner Allen
8. Susan Allen
9. Sarah Allen
10. Wade Hampton Allen

Henry Allen
Son of Drury Allen

Henry Allen born 1801 South Carolina and died after 1875. He was married twice. He married first Sarah Latham and had eight children. Sarah died in 1855 and Henry married for the second time in 1860. After the death of his second wife in 1873, Henry moves to Mississippi.

Children of Henry and Sarah are:

1. William Allen married Margaret Montgomery
2. Margaret Allen married William Champion
3. Sarah Allen married Robert Nettles
4. Miriam Allen married Jackson Hall
5. Amanda Allen married William McAddin
6. Mary Ann Allen married John Brown
7. Martin Van Allen married Emily Southall
8. John Calhoun Allen died in Confederate War

Drury Allen
Son of Drury Allen Sr

Drury Allen Jr born 20 May, 1807 South Carolina. He was about six years old when his father moved to Clarke Co. He related to Rev. Ball who published the book "Clarke Co and Surrounding Area", that the Fort Glass was built by the settlers and later the soldiers built Fort Madison.

Drury settled in 1850 near Choctaw Corner on the road towards Claiborne. He was married twice. He married first 26 December, 1826 Clarke Co. to Elizabeth Buckelew and second 12 April, 1841 to Elizabeth Allen Wood, widow of John Wood and daughter of William Allen and Mary Hicks Allen.

Drury had a family of nine children. Some family members moved to Texas, two daughters lived in North Alabama and one daughter was the second wife of John Creighton and lived in Clarke Co.

Children of Drury and Elizabeth Allen Wood Allen are:

1. Robert Allen born 1842 Clarke Co. died 1864 AL.
2. Henry Cyrus Allen, born 1844; died 12 December, 1867 McLennon, TX. He married Martha Susan Robinson, born 1867 Clarke Co. AL.

3. Benjamin Franklin Allen, born 24 January, 1846 Clarke Co. died 16 April, 1925 in Lubbock, TX. He married Amanda Jane Boutwell who was born in Choctaw Co. AL., 7 February, 1849 and daughter of Wm.

Benjamin had a family of ten children. Five born in Clarke Co. and the other five born after 1877 in Erath Co. TX.

4. Eli Allen born 1848 Grove Hill in Clarke Co. AL.
5. Elijah Reeves Allen, born 16 July, 1848 AL., died 8 February, 1928 in Abilene, TX. He married Martha E Scarbrough
6. George Washington Allen, born 30 March, 1851 AL. G.W. married Sarah Elizabeth Jordan in Clarke Co. before he moved west to Erath Co. Texas with his brother, Benjamin. Both Geo W. and Martha are buried at Upper Green Cemetery in Erath Co.

7. Sarah J. Allen born 1853 Clarke Co. No information
8. Lucy C. Allen born 1856 Clarke Co. No information

Josiah Allen son of Drury may have married Nancy White and their daughter Anna Brown Allen married John Gray Allen who lived in Marengo Co. AL.


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