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Drury Allen
Son of Robert Allen Jr

Drury Allen, son of Robert Allen Jr. was born 1 December, 1749 in Lunenburg Co. VA. He died 20 January, 1826 in Pike Co. GA. Drury enlisted in the Continental Army 1776 and served until its close.

Drury married in North Carolina to Elizabeth Yarbrough who was born 2 May, 1752 in Amelia Co. VA. and the daughter of Henry Yarbrough. She is the proven daughter from a deed when son, Stokes Allen had power of Attorney for his parents to sell land in Franklin co. that she and her husband Drury Allen had inherited from her father, Henry Yarbrough.

Both Drury and Elizabeth are buried in Georgia on their farm where they lived after the move from North Carolina. Both have tombstones and their dates are taken from their markers. Drury died 1826 and Elizabeth died two years later. From the marker of Drury which states death date 1826 is used to seperate Drury from his nephew Drury Allen, youngest son of Robert Allen Jr. The two Drury's both in age have often been confused.

The will of Drury Allen was probated 3 July, 1826 in Greene Co. GA. He left his wife the estate, after her death to be divided. He names the children of Josiah Allen, Nancy Allen, the widow of his son Clement Allen and at her death or marriage to the children of Clements Allen, to the children of Martha Allen Pyron, Nancy Allen received slaves, and son Stokes and Young D. Allen.

Children of Drury and Elizabeth are:

1. Josiah Allen, born about 1769 NC.
2. Clements Allen, born NC.
3. Stokes Allen, born about 1775 NC.
4. Nancy Allen, born NC.
5. Martha Allen, born 1780 and died 1815. She married William Pyron.
6. Young Drury Allen, born NC. He married Nancy Moore

Josiah Allen
Son of Drury Allen

Josiah Allen, born about 1769 Bute Co. NC. and died in Greene Co. GA., about 1816, as William Allen was appointed guardian of his children. This Josiah was named in his grand father, Robert Allen's will, as the son of my son, Drury Allen.

Josiah married Elizabeth Browning, daughter of Joshua Browning. After the death of Josiah Elizabeth married her deceased sister in law, Martha Allen's widower, William Pyron who had eight children.

Children of Josiah and Elizabeth are:

Clements Allen
Son of Drury Allen

Clements Allen, son of Drury and Elizabeth was born 1785 in North Carolina.,and died 1823 in Greene Co. GA. Drury his father, names Nancy the widow of Clements in his will and as wife of Clements. She was Nancy McKissick before her marriage and was born 1787 in TN., daughter of John.

Children of Clements Allen and Nancy McKissick are:

Josiah and Sarah Atkinson, had one son Clement born about 1837 who served in the Civil War. He is found in Lauderdale Co. MS. and married to Mary (unknown). At least nine children, all born in Ms.

Drury Allen, son of Clement and Nancy married twice. His first wife Martha Caroline Rogers born SC. (2) Susan (unknown) Drury was in AL. by 1835. It appears the oldest two children might be from the first marriage.

Stokes Allen
Son of Drury Allen

Stokes Allen, son of Drury Allen was born about 1775 in North Carolina, and died in Pike Co., GA. His will dated 10 October, 1831 and probated within a month of its writing, November, 1831.

Stokes had married in North Carolina 22 March, 1795 to Susanna Graves Fooshee in Person Co. Susanna daughter of Thomas Graves mentioned in his will of 1808 Person Co. NC., as Susanna Allen, wife of Stokes. Yet the marriage list her as Fooshee, giving indication this was her second marriage.

Children of Stokes and Susanna are:

1. Elizabeth Allen, born 1796 NC., married James H. Raven
2. Clement Young Allen, born about 1796 NC.
3. Frances Allen, born about 1800 GA
4. Thomas G. Allen, born about 1803 GA
5. Stephen W. Allen, born about 1806
6. Young Drury Allen, born GA. married Sarah Ann Harris Sales. He was a lawyer, planter and moved to Holmes co. MS.

Clement Young Allen
Son of Stokes Allen

Clement Young Allen, son of Stokes Allen was born about 1796 NC., and died in Lawrence Co. MS. 1864. Clement was married twice. His first wife was Martha West, she died about 1836 when Clement married second to Anna J. Brown. Clements was making plans to move to West as he sold his share of land which he inherited from his father to his brother, Young D. Allen. He first lived in Talladega Co. AL., where he is listed on the 1850 census.

Goodspeed's Memoirs of MS., state that C.Y. was educated in North Carolina and there spent the greater part of his youth.

Children of Clement Young; "known as C.Y." Allen

1. Egbert Allen, born about 1820 in GA
2. Thomas G. Allen, born about 1822 GA
3. Stephen C. Allen, born 1832 GA., went to TX.
6. Caroline Allen, born 1838 GA., married G.R. Cater
4. Stokes H. Allen, born 1840 AL.
7. Young Drury Allen, born about 1856 AL. went to TX
8. Susan E. Allen, died and left one child, who died.
10. Anna E. Allen, died without heir
5. William B. Allen, born 1850 AL. lived near Brookhaven, MS
9. Sarah F. Allen, married R.C. Breeden, lived in Seattle, WA
10. Anna E. Allen, died without heir

Stokes H. Allen
Son of Clements Young Allen

From Goodspeed's Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Mississippi page 302 states;

Stokes H. Allen, born 18 June, 1840 GA., came with his parents from Pike Co. Georgia to Alabama when he was a lad, remaining there till he was sixteen years of age. He went to Rankin Co. MS., and settled on a farm in the year of 1855. From Rankin he moved to Simpson Co., thence to Lawrence Co. where his father died in 1864, the mother still living and residing with her son William.

Stokes H. entered the Confederate army as a volunteer in 1861, joining the Lawrence Rifles, or as it was called Company C of the twelth Mississippi Regiment, under command of Col. Richard Griffin.

Stokes married in 1866 to Frances E. Smith, daughter of Everett Smith and Mary J. Dunn, both parents being natives of the state of Mississippi. Stokes and Mary J. were the parents of ten children."

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