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David Allen
Revolutionary Soldier

David Allen was a Revolutionary Soldier who served from North Carolina. He volunteered early in the war as a Private in a company commanded by his brother, Lt. Adoniram Allen, who resided in Clay Co. KY. after the war.

David moved as a child from New Jersey to Surry Co. North Carolina, with his father David Allen who was born 1714. He had one sister, Hannah and two brothers, Adoniram and Jonthan Allen

He was born in Elizabeth Town, New Jersey in 1756 and died 1842 in Lawrence Co. AL. David was in Davidson Co. TN., by 1817. 22 April, 1817 John Castleman purchased 100 acres on Suggs Creek & Stones River for $300 from David Allen. Recorded 18 February, 1819. (Davidson Co.TN Deed Book N page 25)

He was living in Surry Co. North Carolina when he volunteered. After the war he returned home to this father's resident. He gave ref. to his Bible which contained his birth year.

Most of the information on David was taken from his Revolutionary Pension Papers. David states he moved from NC., to Georgia, then Davidson Co. TN. then to Franklin Co. Alabama. In 1832, he resided just across the line between Franklin Co. and the Chickasaw Nation of Indians. He is listed in the 1830 Census of Franklin Co.

On April 2, 1842, David stated that he had resided in Lawrence Co. AL., and for ten months previous he had resided in Mississippi. He died in 1842 at the home of his daughter Sarah Allen and her husband Dr. Thomas Lightfoot in AL. His grand daughter Ann Lightfoot married Asa Messenger, who owned the "North Alabamian" one of the oldest newspapers in that section of the South.

In 1832 the veterans son, John L Allen was a "subagent" of the Chickasaw Nation. John moved his family to Lowndes Co. MS., and David and his wife Nancy went to live with the son, John. Nancy died about 1841 and David went to live with his daughter. David did not state the name of his wife, but information from descendants stated he married about 1780 to Nancy McConnell, daughter of John McConnell and Ann Lewis born about 1764 in Albemarle Co. VA. and died 1841 Lowndes Co. MS.

There are only two known children of David and Nancy Allen

1. John L Allen
2. Sarah Allen who married Dr. Thomas Lightfoot

John L Allen
Son of David Allen

John L Allen, son of Revolutionary Soldier David Allen. He was born 1789 in North Carolina and died probably in MS.

He is listed in Who's Who Among Southern Indians page 18. John first came among Chickasaws about 1810 and that same year commanded Ft Hampton in AL. He was Subagent to tribe 1816 and again 1829-1837. At some point he was postmaster of Paris, Henry Co. TN. He signed the 1832 Chickasaw treaty, and by 1834 treaty, his wife Margaret, received a reserve. For a time John operated a tavern at Pontotoc, MS., but after the tribe's land was sold, moved to Columbus and was listed on 1850 census there.

Mrs. Margaret Allen, wife of subagent, IN HER OWN RIGHT, half a section of land. This reservations was located so as not to interfere with the Indian reservations.

By declaring Margaret Allens' land to be located outside the Indian reservation lands, she was given "white" status, which explains why she was not required to immigrate to OK IT with the rest of the people. Not to mention that she would also receive/be paid for whatever land she was entitled to under Article 5. Also note that Margaret was the only woman in the nation, except for Mintatoyha (wife of Chief Levi Colbert), who was given a special reserve, which means she carried a pretty big stick. She must have been not only the daughter of, but the FAVORITE daughter of Chief William, who was then deceased, as she was the only one of his children to received a special reserve.

There were two Allen men who were subagent for the Chickasaw Nations, John Allen and James (Jim) Allen. John L and James Allen lived in close proximity to one another; and they both operated the same tavern in Pontotoc Co. at different times. With each being a subagent and both running the tavern, it is easy to see how individuals got them confused.

John L Allen was admitted to the Monroe Church near Pontotoc on 5 April 1834.

The wife of John L. Allen was Margaret Colbert, daughter of Chief William James Colbert and his third wife Mimey (unknown) who immigrated to the Ok Chickasaw IT., in 1837 and she is last mentioned 1839 Census as head of household.

If you have information on this family I would like to include it here on this page."

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