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Charles Allen
Son of Samuel Allen

Researcher for this family is Leslie Pierce Royce of Vancouver, WA.

Charles Allen, born 1719 Virginia, was the son of Samuel Allen of New Kent Co. VA.

He was twice appointed processioner by vestry in November, 1755. Charles married in an adjoinging county to Lunenburg; 24 December, 1738 in Bedford Co. VA., to Sarah Jane Ashwell. Since Sarah was not named in the will of Charles, she may have been deceased.

Charles Allen left his will in Lunenburg Co. Virginia. It can be found in Will Book 1 page 247 with Inventories, Accounts 1746-1762

I Charles Allen Sr of Lunenburg Co. Virginia, being very sick and weak in body. Firstly, I want all my just debts paid. To my daughter Sarah Stokes, 5 shillings sterling. To my daughter Mary 50f and a bed, to be paid to her if she lives to come of age. To my granddaughter Susannah Allen 20f if she lives to come of age. To my son Charles Allen Jr. all my lands, messuages, and tenements, household goods and moveables, bills, bonds, debts, dues and demands, and all the estate I am possessed with, both read and personal. Executor, my son Charles Allen Jr.

Witnesses; Robert Mann, Richard Blanks, William Green

The Will was exhibited by the executor, and the same was proved by the oaths of Richard Blanks and Robert Mann, two of the witnesses and ordered to be recorded.

1. Charles Allen, born before 1744 in VA.
2. Sarah Allen, married Silvanus Stokes
3. Mary Allen, born before 1758 married Nathan Barksdale.

Charles Allen
Son of Charles Allen Sr

Charles born before 1744 in VA., and died 1804 in Laurens District, SC.

He married married 7 September, 1759 Lunenburg Co. VA., to Lucy Bacon, born 11 April, 1744 VA. and was a resident of Lunenburg Co. in 1763.

Charles Allen is mentioned in the will of his father in law, Lyddall Bacon, on July 21, 1775 in which Charles was a member of the County Court of Lunenburg Co. in 17763-64. Charles is thought to have fell into the County of Mecklenburg Co. VA., when it was formed from Lunenburg Co., and later went south and settled in Laurens District, SC.

After the death of Charles Allen in Laurens District, SC., the widow, Lucy Bacon Allen married Charles Smith. His estate came up for Administration 7 November, 1811, with the widow's bond signed by her two sons, Charles and Lydall.

Known Children of Charles and Lucy Bacon Allen are:

1. Cynthia Allen, married John Williams
2. Lydall Allen, born 1776 in Laurens District, SC.; died 1820 SC.; married Milly Downs
3. Lucy Allen, married Joshua Saxon
4. Charles Allen, born 3 May, 1764 Lunenburg, VA., died 5 January, 1856 in Laurens District, SC. Charles married Susan Garner
5. Sarah "Sallie" Allen, born 29 January, 1769 VA., died 1854 SC. Married 1 Feb 1787 Laurens Dist. SC., to Lewis Saxon."

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