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John Allen Cemetery
Hinds Co. MS.

The information on John Allen cemetery was donated by K. E. Hinson The cemetery is located on Brock Road off Mississippi Hwy. 27 between Utica and Crystal Springs in Hinds County, MS.

This is an exact transcription of pages 162-163, from The Old Cemetery Records of Hinds Co., Mississippi from 1811 to Present by Mary Collins Landin, Utica, Mississippi, 1988. Recorded: by Frances C. Burnet Fisher in 1943.

First grave dated 1832. Remarks: In October 1978, Mary Landin tried to record this old abandoned cemetery, but had to give up because of the Japanese honeysuckle, briars, and fire ants. This cemetery is completely overgrown, although there are no trees in it. There are many unmarked graves, many of whom are relatives of Mrs. Fischer. She had copied the cemetery 44 years ago, and gave me the list of gravestones. This old cemetery is being encroached upon by intensive row cropping, and will probably disappear in a few years.

Allen, Elizabeth J., daughter of William J. and Lydia B. b. 24 Dec 1843 d. 23 Sep 1844
Allen, infant son of W.J. and L.B. (no dates given)
Allen, Jacob H. son of W.J. and L.b. b. 9 Nov 1849 d. 10 Aug 1850
Allen, John, husband of Elizabeth Jones of South Carolina b. 1776 d. 2 Sep 1832
Allen, Laura M., daughter of W.J. and L.B. b. 9 Nov 1849 d. 10 Aug 1850
Allen, William M., son of John and Elizabeth b. 11 May 1818 d. 19 Aug 1875
Benton, Mary Louisa, daughter of J.H. and Emily Allen Benton b. 18 Aug 1845 d. 2 Nov 1849
Boyd, Leroy b. 1850 d. 7 Jan 1907
Burnet, Ann Virginia, daughter of John Ford and Eliza A. b. not given d. 9 Oct 1850
Burnet, Charlie Allen, son of J.F. and E.A. b. 7 Apr 1867 d. 4 May 1868
Burnet, Eliza Allen, wf of John F., daughter of John and Elizabeth Jones Allen (unmarked)
Eight unmarked Burnet Graves, children of J.F. and E.A.
Burnet, Cora
Burnet, Chapman
Burnet Ella
Burnet, Jerome
Burnet, Rufus
Burnet, Walter
Burnet, William
Burnet Winnie
(both Burnet parents and the eight chldren died of "consumption," probably TB or a slow-killing pneumonia; the only surviving son was Mrs. Fisher's ancestor.)
Cooper, Ida Burnet, wf of William, daughter of J.F. and E.A. (unmarked, died of consumption)
Cooper, William (unmarked, died of consumption)
Davis, Elizabeth M. wf of J.M. b. not given d. 7 Apr 1859
Davis, Infant son of J.M. and Martha J. b. 19 Jun 1868 d. 4 Nov 1868
Davis, J.A. b. 4 Aug 1848 d. 13 May 1871
Davis, John M. b. 2 Jun 1813 d. 1 Jun 1869
Davis, Margaret J. b. 23 Jun 1826 d. 5 Mar 1853
Davis, Wesley P., son of J.M. and E.A. b. 27 Sep 1858 d. 18 Mar 1859 Hudson, Henry H. second husband of Elizabeth Jones Allen b. 11 Dec 1802 d. 9 Nov 1868
Hudson, Elizabeth Jones Allen, wf of John Allen and H.H. Hudson b. SC (died at age 96; gravestone missing or broken)
Hudson, Mary E., daughter of H.H. and E.J.A. b. 20 Mar 1838 d. 18 Sep 1843
Powers, george W. b. 18 Jun 1848 d. 28 Feb 1888
Powers, Joseph G., son of G.W. and E.P. b. 6 Apr 1885 d. 21 Jun 1885
Terrell, A.J. b. 10 May 1837 d. 22 Dec 1870
Tige, Simon b. 1807 d. Oct 1877
Wells, L.M. b. 7 May 835 d. 16 May 1883
Wells, Maggie, daughter of L.M. and E.A. b. 2 Sep 1871 d. 30 Aug 1877""

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