Abraham Allen of Independance Co. Arkansas
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Abraham Allen

Independance Co Arkansas

Abraham Allen and wife Isabella Allen, of North Carolina, who, on their journey to the West, first settled in Tennessee, and then in the State of Arkansas.

They moved to Independence County in 1827, and located within six miles of Batesville, and afterward to a point south of the river, where the father died, in 1873, over eighty years of age.

Abraham Allen was born in Orange County, N. C., where he was reared and married. He was of Irish-English descent, served in one of the Indian wars.

His father, Samuel Allen, was one of the pioneers of Independence County, where he lived a number of years, but spent the latter part of his life in Texas.

William A. Allen was the youngest of the family was born in 1842. He remained with his parents until the latter days of the war between the North and South, when he enlisted in Company C, of Col. Dobbins' regiment, and fought for the Confederate cause. His career through the war was short, but brilliant, and though not on the victorious side, after the surrender at Jacksonport, he still bore the honors of a brave soldier.

In 1866 he married Nancy A. McClendon, daughter of Joel and Matilda McClendon, of Mississippi and former residents of North Carolina and Alabama. Mrs. McClendon, the mother, died three years after her arrival in Independence County, and the father survived her for four years, leaving four sons and six daughters at the time of his death.

William and Nancy Allen had six children, one preceded the parents in death.

Abraham Allen
Andrew Allen
George William Allen
Ida Allen
Emily Allen

The family resided on the old farm south of the river until February, 1889, and then moved to Batesville, where William had a fine residence. He owned three tracts of land comprising about 840 acres, and has some 300 acres under cultivation. Part of his land he inherited from his father, and his own good judgment and natural ability have added the rest.

He was a Democrat in politics, and a strong upholder of the principles of that party.

Nancy Allen was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, and was well known for her generosity and the interest she took in all matters pertaining to that church.


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