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David Alderman

David Alderman! David was the son of Daniel Alderman and wife Abigail Harris. He was about six years old when his father moved the family to Edgecombe Co. NC. David was a Revolutionary Soldier having served from the state of NC. and under Captain Aaron Williams also of Duplin.

He married Jemima Hall, daughter of Thomas Hall and wife Rachel Goff who lived in Edgecombe Co. Jemima was born 1753 in Edgecombe Co. I have seen two death dates on Jemima. One states 1815 and the other 1832. Jememia was named in her father's will.

David the youngest son of Daniel received the Alderman homestead in Sampson/Duplin Co. by his father's will. This is where David and Jemima reared their fourteen children.

1. Daniel Alderman born 25 March, 1774 Duplin Co. NC.
2. Nancy Ann Alderman born 11 November, 1775 m. John Carlton, son of Thomas, Rev. Soldier.
3. Thomas Alderman born 8 August, 1777 married Susan Newton
4. Mary Alderman born 29 August, 1779 married Timothy Murphy.
5. Elizabeth Alderman born 20 April, 1781 married (Isaac?) Newton.
6. Phoebe Alderman born 11 April, 1783 married John Mathis.
7. Lucretia Alderman born 19 March, 1785 married Joshua Herring.
8. Rachel Alderman born 12 January, 1787 married John Sloan.
9. Samuel Alderman born 13 March, 1789 married Sarah Chestnut, daughter of David.
10. Rebecca Alderman born 25 February, 1793 married Elisha Alderman her first Cousin, son of David.
11. Susanna Alderman born 14 March, 1795 married William Bland.
12. William Alderman born 12 January, 1798.

13. Timothy Alderman born 19 February, 1801.

14. James Alderman born 19 February, 1801 married Roxanna Holloway. James died 9 February, 1880 in Lithia, FL.

Daniel Alderman
Son of David Alderman

Daniel Alderman, born 1774, died about 1857 in Sampson Co. NC. and is buried near his old home place. He married four times. He first married Nancy Ann Newton who was born about 1774 in NC. and being the daughter of George Newton. Nancy died about 1800 in Duplin Co. Two children.

a. David Alderman born 10 July, 1794 Duplin Co. married Anna Williams.
b. George Alderman born 14 February, 1797 married Nancy Carlton.

Daniel married second, a widow, Mrs. Mary Wilson and had three children.
a. Sarah Ann Alderman born 24 April, 1801 Duplin Co. married Robert Ward.
b. Eliza Jane Alderman born 3 October, 1802 Duplin Co. married David Williams.
c. Martha M. Alderman born 3 March, 1806 married Alderman Carlton.

Daniel married third time in 1812 to widow, Mrs. Mary Newton Williams. Mary was the daughter of Isaac Newton and wife Jemimia Chambers of Sampson Co., and the Widow of Aaron Williams. Mary died 4 June, 1824. They had no children.

Daniel married the fourth time to Mary Poitevint Wilson, daughter of Isaac Poitevint. Five children, two died young.

a. Isaac Thomas Alderman born 8 November, 1825 married Mary Love.
b. James H. Alderman born 24 March, 1828 married Elizabeth Williams and Dolly Boney.
c. William Franklin Alderman born 8 January, 1833 married Anna Maria Love.

William Alderman
Son of David Alderman

William Alderman, son of David was born 12 January, 1798 in NC. He married Sarah Edmondson

Children of William and Sarah are:

1. Polly, born 1821 married Phillip Hiers
2. Lavina, born 1824; married William Franklin
3. John A, born 1827; married Susannah Norman
4. Nancy, born 1835; married John T. Norman
5. Mitchell, born 1838; married Mary Hiers
6. William, born 1840; died CSA
7. Isaac, born 1843; died CSA
8. David, born 1847; died CSA

Timothy Alderman
Son of David Alderman

Timothy Alderman, son of David was born 19 February, 1801. He married Sarah Williams, daughter of James Williams Rev. Soldier and Elizabeth Holloway.

Children of Timothy and Sarah are:

1. James, born 1824; married Jane Roberts
2. Nancy, born 1826; married William Vick
3. Mary, born 1828; married William Holloway
4. Jincy, born 1830; married John W. Strickland
5. Susan, born 1832; married Isaac Alderman, son of Elisha
6. Ezekiel, born 1834; died single
7. Elizabeth A. born 1837? married Peter Wing
8. Martha, born 1840; married Arnold Yates
9. Henry, born 1843; married Martha Mobley
10. Timothy, born 1845; married Mary E. Rosser
11 Sarah Jane, born 1848; married J. F. Allen